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We partnered with Jackson Elementary School located in Shakopee for a fun and educational family event: “The Jackson Science Fair & Explorer Night”.  We brought information and science projects with our eggs and chickens like:  Match the layers with the eggs,  A brown egg will taste the same as a white egg?,  Hard boiled or Raw?, Can an egg float?  Do all eggs spin the same?  It was certainly FUN!!!

Match the layers with the eggs
A chicken’s genetics determine the color of eggs. White egg layers have white earlobes and varying shades of brown egg layers have red earlobes.  The Americana or “Easter Egg” chickens lay green and blue eggs.

A brown egg will taste the same as a white egg?
A brown egg will taste exactly the same as white egg unless it is fed differently. Our chickens get exercise, fresh air and a more natural diet. That’s the real difference!

Hard boiled or Raw?
Can’t remember which egg is which? The answer is only a spin away. Simply spin the egg and pay close attention to how well it spins. If the egg spins well, it’s hard boiled. However, if the egg wobbles and spins slowly, it’s raw. A hard boiled egg is solid inside whereas a raw egg is fluid. When you spin the raw egg, its center of gravity changes as the fluid inside the egg moves around. This results in the wobbling motion you noticed in the raw egg. As soon as the raw egg starts spinning, touch it briefly with your finger just long enough to stop it. When you take your finger away, the egg will continue to spin for just a quick second. This is due to the inertia of the fluid inside the egg. When the hard boiled egg is spun, the solid center immediately moves with the shell, causing little resistance to the spinning motion.

The Floating Egg
When you place an ordinary egg in a vessel of water, does it float or sink?  The answer has to do with density: if the egg is denser than the liquid surrounding it, it will sink and if the liquid is denser than the egg, the egg will float.  What do you think will happen if the density of the egg is equal to that of the liquid?

Do all eggs spin the same?
What happens to a hard boiled egg when it spins?
The hard boiled egg spins around easily because it is a solid. The insides of the egg have been cooked- it is not a liquid inside. A solid object has what we call a “fixed balance point.” The raw egg is liquid inside. The liquid is slashing around as it moves- there is no balance point in it. This makes it hard for them to spin.

Take an Egg for a Spin
Friction between the eggshell and the tabletop pushes the spinning egg up.
This trick astounds people because the egg appears to be defying gravity. Rather than lying down comfortably (as many of us prefer), the egg spontaneously stands on end.

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