Summer Squash

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Squashes generally refer to four species of the genus Cucurbita native to Mexico and Central America, also called marrows depending on variety or the nationality of the speaker. It is also natively grown in other parts of North America, and in Europe, India, and Australia. In North America, squash is loosely grouped into summer squash or winter squash, as well as autumn squash (another name is cheese squash) depending on whether they are harvested as immature vegetables (summer squash) or mature vegetables (autumn squash or winter squash). Gourds are from the same family as squashes. Well known types of squash include the pumpkin and zucchini. Giant squash are derived from curcurbita maxima and are routinely grown to weights nearing those of giant pumpkins.

Summer squash have thin edible skins and seeds and should be picked when young and tender. They are very perishable compared to the winter varieties.

Zucchini is the most common, it has a dark green and yellow skin and is similar to a cucumber in shape. At their best when 7-8 inches long.

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