The sweetest corn I had tasted all year!

January 4, 2010, Posted by Carmen Lopez Marshall at 6:45 pm | No Comments

As you know,  we sell our homegrown produce in seven different Farmers Markets besides our road stand in Shakopee.  One of our Farmers Market customer sent us an e-mail.  We asked her if we could share it with you and she agreed.

“I stopped by your Booth at the Bloomington Farmers Market yesterday to purchase a dozen of corn.  I went home to cook it and discovered that it was the sweetest corn I had tasted all year!  I went back to purchase the corn that was picked on Thursday. I will be making this into freezer corn. I am so happy to have found some awseome corn! While talking with Peter, I expressed that I would like to freeze tomatoes next weekend.  He requested that I write a note to you and that he would have some great tomatoes waiting for me to pick up next Saturday at the Bloom. Farmers Market.  I can be there by 8:30 if that works?  If you have any ideas how to freeze your tomatoes to be used in various recipes, I would love some advice.  I will also want to purchase peppers,  onions, zucchini if you have those available on Saturday.. I think that may add some great flavor to the tomatoes.  Thanks again!  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the corn.  I know it is only corn but wow!!”

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